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"Don't take life to seriously, you'll never get out alive" [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 May 2004|11:06pm]
so you want to hear something bad ass eh? alright I'll tell u im the night time manager at my job now how sweet ass is that bitches?
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Cinco De Mayo, Born Again [04 May 2004|01:35pm]
so the day is finally here, tomorrow is the last day of highschool. Weve waited our whole lives for this day since we started in kindergarden to work our way up to where we are now and its finally come, so why am i not about to shit all over the place with excitement. its probally the fear and cold sense of reality thats setting in that most likley this will be the last time in my life that i ever see alot of people, this happens alot to me i make friends with people and hang out with them the whole school year and then usually spent weekends and the summer alone at home doing nothing but it never bothered me because i knew i would see these people again next year in school but thats not going to happen, its the end of the line were not comming back, most of us will be done with our education and just jump into the real world, some of us will still go to school but far away from one another were adults now capable of controlling our own lives its alomst liek being born again, its a totally different life i mena think about it everyday since you can remember you've woke up and went to school, but its over now, finally over no more studying, no more test to take, no more anything, were the masters of our lives now we take them were we want to go and its kind of scary because some of us are still lookig for someone one else to share the journey with but come to the realization that this is YOUR life you must travel it alone, i know I will move on and go to college and meet new people and make new friends just liek i did when i changed schools but i won't forget the friends i've had and i'll still miss them, its just wierd knowing that after tomorrow its like a life long summer vacation, your counting down the days till school starts back but its not going to happen, its not going to return, and we must accept this fact and move on, not allow our lives to stop here but venture foward into the darkness that is our future, but were all the masters of our own destiny and some how i know i wont let anytihng stop me from succeding.
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[30 Apr 2004|04:40pm]
"I always arrive late at the office, but I make up for it by leaving early."
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Thinkin [30 Apr 2004|04:24pm]
you ever jsut get that feeling when you want to just sit down and talk to a total fuckng stranger and tell thme everytihng thats going on inside your head? i tihnk it would be intresting because they don't know a single thing about you so they wouldn't have anything to go on except what your telling them right now and you could get their full honest opinion about whatever your telling them. So yea its like a week of school left and its kind of upsetting ilike going to school and talking to peole and hanging out with people and i knwo that once school is over my world is going to be turned upside down, kinda afraid of it but ready to move on to the next part of my life. There are alot of new things thtas are going to happen I'm sure of it and in know there will be goood times and bad ones but i know i'll deal with it, sometimes break down and cry, sometimes get angry and hit shit, sometimes just relax, and luagh it off but no matter how I deal with the fellings inside no matter how much my world changes I think theres one thing that will always stay the same...
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[25 Mar 2004|12:28am]
yea so im like 18 now whoopty shit, i guess its cool cuz i can do shit now but i know its gonan prolly fuck me over in the long run oh well peace bitches,
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What up [23 Mar 2004|03:04pm]
you want to know what it schwas?? alright i'll tell you what it schwas.

yea thats right bitch u know what that is thats a tight ass exhaust and its tight and shit and it makes the car go liek faster them before so its sweet.
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[15 Mar 2004|09:43pm]
rain'n like a slut
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[07 Mar 2004|11:51pm]
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
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FUCK, This is a FUCK [01 Mar 2004|02:46am]
[ mood | Pissed, Frustrated, Tired ]

bad shit always happens to me, so the CD drives on my CPU wont work so i call the DELL dudes well after abotu 2 hours of trying shit we fnd out my system registry files are currupt and i need to reinstall windows. so i need ot get my files off the cpu, but how the fuck am i gonna do this without a CD drive to burnt he shit onto CD's?!? i dunno either but i need to figure it out cuz ya know Cd drives are kinda important,well im tired from worring about all this shit so im goin to sleep so peace out people.

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27 Days and Counting [28 Feb 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | Fuckin Great! ]

27 DAYS TILL YM BIRTHDAY I'LL BE 18 WOO HELLS FUCK YEA! ok so anyways umm lets ee got a new job at the quiz, umm quit winn dixie just haven told them yet :D HAHHAHAHA thats what they get fuckin assholes, oh man so yea im thinkin thats abotu it really, yea umm yea. PEACE!

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another day in the life of me [26 Feb 2004|02:56pm]
[ mood | good ]

ah shit didnt show p for a Jap meetin so now shes all pist but i disnt have the work done so i was fucked anyways but i gots to contact her and shit and work something out or some crap and uhh i have to finish allt hese health packets by tomorrow or i fail highschool and the last 4 years of my life are a waste. Isnt that crazy 3 packets can determine your whole life, insane. shizzle anyways other then that i ot an A in all my other classes that semester so far!!! YES!! F'n SWEET!! im gonna kick some ass its gona rock the hosue, shit im good. aight peace mo f'rs, oh yea im quittin winn dixie!!!! HAHAHAHA FUCKERS im gonna walk in get my vacation check and if they say anything to me im quittin right there and im not showin up to work at all this week thas what they get for being fuckers. Quiznos rulez everyoen shoudl came see me at worka nd get a sub there freakin good as hello kitty.

I like going to work at my new job thats insane!!!

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[22 Feb 2004|07:53am]
[ mood | tired ]

WOO moneys tight gots to pay the insurance and car payment on the 28th and i dont really ahve alot fo money right now tuesdays i will get some money though so i shoudl be good, eh shitwell i put my car up on that car domain thinkin no ones really goona even look at it and about 600 and some change people have looked at it and for some reason everyone loves the shit out of it its not like i did anything to it but hey thats cool i guess oh yea my new job is cool except for the preppy douche bag guys that work there but the'll prolly get fired or something hoping :)

oh ye Story of the Year fuckin rules i really hope i can see them in concert!

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[20 Feb 2004|08:57pm]
yo check it son its my car on this site sweet eh bitch?! GO LOOK AT IT even though it sucks for now.

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[20 Feb 2004|01:11am]
-Today's Chinese Horoscope-

"A horse cannot gain weight if not fed with extra fodder during the night; a man cannot become wealthy without earnings apart from his regular salaries. "
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[15 Feb 2004|12:15am]
holy shot so were at Ci Ci's Pizza and were like leavin and thres a big puddle and shit and john jumps in it and gets Chris (not me) all freakin wet and muddy and hes like "FUCK" so these old dudes are all like hey watch your mouth and stuff and then hes like " Fuck shit whore" and the old doods come over and liek start felxin on him and shit and hes a big dood so hes all like "what you gonna do bitch call the cops to take me away" and one old dood said thre gonna have to call an ambulance to take him away after he kicks his ass and we were like holy shit old dood relax and then we all just started yellin fuck and were like fuck him lets go and get in the fuckin car and stuff it was funny i mean seriously an old guy tryin to beat our asses and these dood ran up on us like they were gonna do something and they all had there fist ready and shit it was insane! so anyways yea another V-Day gone thank god thats lucky number 17 spent alone, Next Time Gadget, Next time!
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[14 Feb 2004|01:58am]
[ mood | good ]

yep so uh we were burning shit again and the nebighors called the F'n cops on us and when they knocked on the door geryn yelled "WHAT THE FUCK U WANT" thinkin it was liek someone commin over to hang out it was funny as shit so then we went and bought monoply and UNO and shit and some palying carda and we seriously played monoply from 10:00-1:00 it was a good game i won i ended up owning more then half the board and every property had a hotel on it we freakin ran out of hotels so we jsut cluster fucked some houses together to signify a hotel. so yea then we played UNO for like 3 minutes cuz freakin John won really quick so i was liek fuck it and went home and now im goin to sleep. FUCK YOUR COUCH BITCH!!! I'M RICK JAMES!!!!!!

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[12 Feb 2004|03:59pm]
not going to work today and im not callin either, why do u ask oh yea I'm a BAD ASS!
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[12 Feb 2004|01:59pm]
yo Ruchard i found my strong black woman t shirt u got me like a long time ago its fuckin sweet but smells liek musty poo gas
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Vegeta Is a Bad Ass [12 Feb 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | good ]

Thats right bitches Vegeta is a Bad Ass, you know i almost forgot how much ass Vegeta really kicked until I thought about it last night.

Cloud is also a bad ass, cloud and vegeta kinda look the same in a way i guess its cuz there both bad asses.

Oh yea i pretty much got a new job which is sweet cuz winn dixie is so fuckin gay and old i never wann work at a grocery store again for the rest of my life.

Richard I'LL Hundred Hand Slap your ass upside the face ANYTIME BITCH!!!
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[12 Feb 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | meh! ]

eh, what to say other then...i don't know what to feel really like i feel crappy in one sense but in another sense i have alot of good stuff going for me in my life right now so im kinda like 50/50 but, i dunno its wierd. so how bout that work i gots to fuckin work 3 hrs tomorrow WHOOPTY SHIT i dont even think i should go in but i will cuz i hate me job but I applied at that there Quiznos Subs hopefully them mother fuckas will be callin me back tellin me i got the job cuz im quittin Winn Dixie before March and thats just the way it is. well everyone nothin more to say but peace the fuck out.

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